Commissioning a painting:

Sports Card Paintings:

 After deciding which card you would like painted, I will submit a price estimate which will

include framing and shipping. Once you approve, a 30% deposit is required. I usually submit

one in progress invoice during the project. Wire transfer is the most common method of pay

but a check, PayPal or Venmo works too.

 I am currently working on a "MASTER COLLECTION", which consists of the biggest cards

in the hobby. Though I have painted a few unique variations of Mantle, MJ, Wagner, Gehrig,

Ruth and Cobb, I have chosen to make this final set my personal farewell to the hobby after

31 years. It will remain NFS until completed, approximately early summer, 2026. My goal is

to keep this collection together for touring or permanent exhibition.

Any card not listed in the Master Collection is available for commission. 


Commissioning a charcoal portrait:

 My favorite works in charcoal are often based on old family photos, as was the case in

the drawing of my grandfather sitting at the kitchen table. My grandmother was not a profes-

sional photographer but man, did she ever capture a moment. Every family has a photo like that

laying around and sadly they end up in some dusty old album, so let me create a work of art

worthy of passing on down through your family.

 Once we have a chance to discuss your job, I will submit an estimate. Upon approval, a 30% 

deposit is required. Wire transfer is the most common method of pay but a check, PayPal or

Venmo works too.The balance is due upon completion. Shipping will be included in the estimate.

The art comes unframed as most customers have a framer they work with. It's easier that way,

plus you get your art a lot faster.